** DIY $700 ** (NEW)

You write it, we'll mix it! Select music from our galleries, write your opening line, plus 4 additional VO's.  Submit a DETAILED count and info Sheet, with voice-over placement and where your song selections start and end.  We'll take it from there!  (all other features of a Basic Mix apply)

Basic $850

Standard Male Voice Overs. Licensed Songs

Semi $1150

Male Voice Overs. 12, 8 counts Male and Female Vocals. Licensed Songs.

Topaz $1350

Male Voice Overs (Different Style) 18, 8 count Male/Female Studio Vocals.  8, 8 Counts Custom Singing vocals.  Licensed Songs

Diamond $1750

Fully Custom Start to Finish!

* All Packages include sound fx edits.  Topaz and Diamond offer A la Carte edits.