3 Easy Steps To Great Music


Step 1

Pick your Package.  Please read carefully the descriptions and features for each package and decide what fits your needs the best.  Package do NOT differ in quality!  The difference is in the original content, and the allowed edits. 

Step 2

Fill out Team Info Sheet and deposit.  For Team Info Sheet be as detailed as possible.  Once we have these two items, your date of delivery is saved in our calendar.  We begin all production that will be required when we make your mix.  

Step 3

Fill out your count sheet.  These are due a week before music delivery.  Be sure to be detailed and mark where sound fx need to go.  Also mark where the music will start, everyone has their preference.  We will always keep our mixes at 2:30 or under, so if mixing have too many 8 counts they will be very fast!