How do I Pay My Deposit

There are 4 ways to pay your deposit.  1, Use the checkout section on the site.  2. Pay by credit card from the invoice that was sent to you by Chrissy. 3.  E-mail transfer to, (please provide us with the password). 4, by cheque to Main Streets Sounds Inc, 19731 Main st, Alton Ontario, L7K 0C5

What is the difference in the Packages

The main difference is the amount of custom production that is done for the mixes.  (i.e. vocalist, rappers, instrumental etc).  There are two other significant differences.  One is that basic and semi packages allow for sound fx edits, while Topaz and Diamond allow for rebuilds and A La Carte rebuilds.  A La Carte rebuilds/edits mean that you can buy new studio vocals for later in the season and have them remixed into your project for free.  You can do as much or as little as you'd like.

What Should I put in my Team InFO Sheet

EVERYTHING YOU WANT..  The more the better.  Assume we don't know your team is this is what we are using to create you mix.  Song style preference, vocalist style, pace, themes, saying etc etc.  Put it in and we will use it!

Important info about Count Sheets

First mark where the music starts (the first sound, not just the first movement)  Secondly aim for 46 or 47 eight counts, unless you like it really fast, we can fit 48 at a higher bpm (beat per minute).  Next mark where the last hit goes.  Lastly, for sound effects, mark when they are happening, every team and gym is different so marking "dip" only, sometime the timing is slightly off

What if my Sound effects are slightly off

Send a video!  Plain and simple.  We will get it adjusted and right!

Important when sending a video

Make sure the beat track or music is audible.  Sometime it's to soft, or over powered by the crowd and sometime it's too loud at the events that video doesn't pick it up well.  We aren't looking for perfection just something we can work off of.